Who are these Specially Trained Storage Advisors this website keeps barking about?? Well this is the page where you find out exactly who we are and what we look like.

Angela Lawtey –

Manager and Storage Insider.

Angela has over 7 years experience in Self Storage. There is literally nothing this gal doesn’t know about storage, what can we say she’s passionate about empty rooms boxes and bubble wrap.

Perfect Weekend – Being dropped off in the middle of no where with just a rucksack, water and partner in crime for 2 days. Not everyones cup of tea but if those zombies ever attack Angela is definitely someone you want near by.

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Claire Booty –

Sales Advisor and all round knowledgable storage egg
Claire has a passion for design, if you come in to our office you can see her handy design ideas throughout our reception area, from the tables and chairs to the plants and pictures, everything is down to this gals vision. Word of warning though, if you don’t like our reception area don’t mention it to her or you may not get a brew!
Perfect Weekend – Having two young children and a loving husband, Claires idea of a perfect weekend is simple one. Spending time with the family at the sea side and letting hubby Dean change all the dirty nappies. Either that or spending the day kidless and hubbyless shopping till she drops in Manchester or Leeds.

James Pollitt –

Assistant Manager.

James loves Manchester United, his son and his wife … In that order. Were just kidding, James is a family man through and through and nothing comes before his wife Angela, Bobby his son and their dog. Although it does have to be said Manchester United do come a close second, that does create somewhat of an issue between James and the director or the company who is a Manchester City fan. Its very interesting in our office when the two teams play each other. James also has a Degree in Archaeology and was a pub landlord for 7 years .. We still can’t connect the dots there 🙂

Perfect weekend, its very simple, spending time with this wife Angela, Bobby and their dog, wether it be pottering around at home or going out for the day this is where James would be in his element. If he could squeeze in a Manchester United match I’m sure that would make the weekend all the more special.

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