We here at Stor More are extremely proud of our security and consider Stor More the ultimate in secure self storage. We not only meet the standards set out by the Self Storage Association, we exceed them. So much so her majesty could feel safe in the knowledge that her crown jewels were safe and secure at Stor More.

Throughout this page we will run through the step by step security measures that have been implemented here at Stor More.

Palisade fencing surrounds the entire car park, to access the car park there is an electric gate. If you wish to enter the facility at any time we will give you a unique personalised code that you enter at the gate to enter the carpark and again on the building to access the building. This code is unique to yourself meaning we have an external log of every customer entering through the gate and building.
On entering the car park you will notice external CCTV monitoring the access of not only the gate to the customer carpark but also the entrance to the facility.
To enter the facility you input your personalised pin code on the security doors key pad (you chose your pin code when signing for your unit, making the pin code unique to yourself). Again this gives us a full log of every customer who has entered the facility, everyone who has left and everyone in the facility at the present time.
Smile your on camera! On entering the facility you’ll be greeted by internal CCTV cameras which monitors all the key areas of the storage site.
The key piece of our security jigsaw here at Stor More is the individual monitored alarmed rooms. We are extremely proud to be the only self storage facility in the Hull area operating this system. upon entering the building you need to input your code onto the pad onto the wall to access the building and de alarm your room, upon exiting then you will need to input your code onto the pad on the inside of the building to re-alarm your room and open the doors to exit. If your room is opened without your code being entered then it will sound an alarm and our chosen security firm will be alerted.
The full site is fitted with smoke detection and the state of the art intruder alarm system monitored by a third party 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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